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For Luther­ans, wor­ship mat­ters.

In fact, wor­ship lies at the heart of how we un­der­stand ourselves to­geth­er. While some of the ap­proaches to wor­ship may dif­fer from one con­greg­a­tion to an­oth­er, we hold cer­tain things in com­mon.

There is a ba­sic pat­tern for wor­ship among Luther­ans. We gath­er. We en­counter God’s Word. We share a meal at the Lord’s table. And we are sent in­to the world. But we do not think about wor­ship so much in terms of what we do. Wor­ship is fun­da­ment­ally about what God is do­ing and our re­sponse to God’s ac­tion. Wor­ship is an en­counter with God, who saves us through the life, death and re­sur­rec­tion of Je­sus Christ.

Think about it like this. God’s Spir­it calls us to­geth­er. God speaks to us through read­ings from the Old and New Test­a­ments of the Bible, through preach­ing, pray­er, and song. God feeds and nour­ishes us in a sav­ing way. And God blesses us and sends us in mis­sion to the world.

Taken to­geth­er, the Word pro­claimed and the sac­ra­ments -- both Holy Bap­tism and Holy Com­mu­nion -- are called the means of grace. We be­lieve that Je­sus Christ is present in these means through the power of the Holy Spir­it. Some­times we de­scribe wor­ship as a “gath­er­ing around the means of grace.” This is a way of say­ing that we trust that God is genu­inely present with us in bap­tism, in preach­ing, and in shar­ing the bread and wine of Holy Com­mu­nion. In that sense, Luther­ans be­lieve that God’s pres­ence per­meates all of Chris­ti­an wor­ship.

The cross is the cent­ral sym­bol that marks our wor­ship spaces and when Luther­ans wor­ship, singing fills the air. The voices of all the people joined in song and the par­ti­cip­a­tion of all the people in the wor­ship is a wit­ness to our con­vic­tion that in wor­ship we are be­ing drawn in to God’s own sav­ing story.